Fire destroys over 500 huts in Bhutanese refugee camps

A massive fire broke out at the Bhutanese refugee camps in Goldhaap, Jhapa, on Tuesday, destroying over 500 huts out of the total 739. Some 150 huts were dismantled to bring fire under control.
The fire started at about 7.30 am in the morning from the hut owned by Rabilal Timsina of sector B-2 hut number 18 when he was performing puja, informed camp secretary Chiranjibi Rai. Six fire brigade vehicles and security personnel took the fire in control in three hours.
The fire has also destroyed the godown of World …

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The UN Director of Asia Pacific Division of Department of Political Affairs, Tamrat Samuel, and UN Residential Representative to Nepal, Robert Piper, jointly met Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal at the PM’s residence in Baluwatar, Monday morning. At the meeting Tamrat asked PM

Every state has its own laws. That is the reason why we should abide from it. Because of globalization as well as the meeting of the minds of persons in authority from all parts of the world, most countries are already members of the United Nations. When a body is considered to be a member of it, they are required to adhere with the laws that are established by it. Of course, not all what is stated in such laws should be followed because every country has its sovereignty and should be respected. But, it is basic that human rights should be of extreme importance.

That is why we have legalities in order to set our rights. As human as we are, we are not perfect. But, we should be treated with great respect in every aspect of our life. And it is inherent and primary in our constitution that each one of us has a right to life. In the first place, no person can judge us, but only our creator. If we do, then we are just like God who has actually the right to do so. Some people may not be aware of human rights that makes it prone to cruelty. Everyone deserves to know that is why we need highly reliable provider of web traffic to make known in the world their rights.

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The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Kathmandu chapter has said its serious attention has been drawn to the police assault on photo journalist of the Himalayan Television Diwakar Pokharel. Issuing a press statement on Tuesday, the FNJ chapter condemned the assault on the media person

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The People’s Volunteers Mobilisation Bureau of the UCPN (Maoist) harvested crops in a farmland owned by one martyr family in Dang, Saturday. Seen for the first time in such works, around 100 volunteers worked for around three hours in the field of martyr Indra Bahadur Read More »
Former combatants staying in various cantonments across the country have not been paid since past three months due to confusion about the witnessing agency, Annapurna Post Daily reported. The combatants have not been paid since the United Nations Missions in Nepal (UNMIN), which had been Read More »
The 28 parties in the Constituent Assembly have agreed, amid differences, to forward the proposal for forming State Restructuring Commission to the Constitutional Committee (CC) for further discussion. A joint meeting of the 28 parties convened at Singh Durbar Tuesday afternoon decided to send the Read More »

Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights
Nowadays, some people deem cars as part of their necessities instead of being a privilege. Cars are now important when you travel, especially if you have a large family. If you compute your expenses and have a large family, you might be able to save more. Thus, it is advisable to have your own family car than to let your family members take public transportation. It can be similar with carpooling. To protect car buyers, there is a bill of rights that has been approved. This bill aims to protect consumers when they buy new or used cars. It will protect you in case something goes wrong with the car you purchased.

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Nepal is a country found between India and China. But even though two large countries surrounded it, Nepal is still able to have a culture that is distinct on its own. Nepal is a gateway towards the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, and not only that, 8 out of the 10 highest mountains in the world is located there. Furthermore, it is the location that is said to be the birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini. And there are over 27,000,000 people living in Nepal and most of them are Hindi.

There have been stories of abominable snowmen lurking around Nepal, but no one has ever found one. Other than Yetis, they have holy cows. Yes, holy cows! Since cows are their national animal, killing of cows is illegal. So Nepalis never tasted the wondrous beef. There are many things that you can do when you are visiting Nepal. You can go trekking since the country has a number of mountains. You can also try zip flying, since the world’s highest and longest zip line is found in Annapurnas, Nepal. You can also try bungee jumping, mountain biking, wood carving, and pottery. And by allowing flash player in Chrome, you can read more info about Nepal.

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